Bicycle Playing Cards 809 Mandolin (piros)

2500 Ft


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A Mandolin csomag a Bicycle gyár 809 számát kapta meg. Annyiban különbözik standard társától, hogy új designt kapott, nem bicikliző, hanem mandolinozó angyalkák díszítik és új hátlap design-t is kapott.

Ez az a csomag, amit a világhírű vak(!) bűvész, Richard Turner adott nekünk, hiszen ő dolgozott össze a Bicycle gyárral, hogy a pakli tökéletesen legyen megvágva és elkészítve.


The Mandolin deck is the only Bicycle brand deck that provides maximum flexibility in gaffs and is specifically designed to look similar to the Bicycle Rider Backs. Mandolins meet the highest quality standards of stock, moisture content, pliability, finish, cut, durability, and handling of any current mass market USPC deck in the world. They are available as Svengali, Stripper, Invisible, Short and One-Ways in all values.

Design: Paul Harris directed the development of the new 809 Bicycle back with USPCC. Paul worked with three world class artists (including Garrett Thomas) to create a soothing traditional looking back that’s instantly trusted as part of the Bicycle family. And yes, this classic looking deck even features the trademarked Bicycle Ace of Spades, Joker and the traditional box.

Quality: Richard Turner worked directly with USPCC manufacturing to ensure the new Bicycle 809 Mandolin has a superior cut and quality. These are exquisitely crafted decks! Once you feel these cards you will never want to put them down. Jon Racherbaumer, Bill Kalush, Alan Ackerman, Johnny Thompson, Richard Kaufman, Jason England, Justin Miller, Steve Haynes, David Ben, and other pros have tested and enthusiastically approved of the Mandolins.

Mandolins also are the only deck on the market featuring the classic “full-back” Bicycle card case that so many performers prefer.


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