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A Grid egy különleges pakli, amit erősen korlátozott számban gyártottak, szóval érdemes minél előbb lecsapni rá. Ez az első változat a Grid sorozatban.

A kinézetét tekintve nem találunk rajta figurákat, vagy rajzokat, midnent a letisztult, modern design ural, ami hiába egyszerű, nagyon különlegessé és széppé teszi a paklit a maga nemében. A készítők szerint hosszú kutatómunka előzte meg a gyártást, hogy tökéletesen tudják ötvözni a minőséget a kinézettel.

A lapokon több helyen is fel vannak tűntetve az adott lap értéke, ez a képeken is jól látszik.


Printed by USPCC Bicycle on linen, air cushion stock! Limited run, one time print only!

Grid Typographic Playing Cards.

Are you seeking a deck of cards that is nothing like you’ve ever seen before? This deck breaks the mold with its amazing design!

The first in a series of three designs. This deck was created to encapsulate the characteristics behind the International Typographic Style, or ‘Swiss Style’ graphic design. Focusing on how each card can be displayed through text, but also making sure to have the fundamental values required for serious card users, the design has been through a long process of testing and tweaking to find the right combination of style and substance.

The cards are designed to be read from multiple angles, in multiple ways, whichever is easier for the user. Combining two typefaces and making them the focal elements of the design ensures the cards are easy to read. It also provides a unique twist to the way we traditionally see playing cards.

“I wanted the design to be minimal and restrictive, so complex patterns have not been included in this series, but a bold and simple approach have instead been introduced.
“I have created a test deck, printed, and cut by hand to ensure meticulous testing of how the card plays, holds, the way your eyes are drawn to each element and the hierarchy of each.
“As not only a designer, but also a playing card fan, I wanted to create a series of playing card decks that stands out from the others in my collection, and share with you all a new experience of card playing.”
– Luke Wadey

The power in the detail.

The cards each have their own details that change. These create multiple ways to read the card and also for style variation. These details also allow the cards to be held in different ways, should the user want to only see the top of the card, left, bottom, right or as a fan. Variety is key.

1) The top right of the card is where the suit changes

2) On the left side, the pips are minimal and also written underneath

3) The sequence of cards is faded, while the current card is bold

4) There is a short-hand abbreviation of each card

5) On the number cards, the pips build up and fade out as they progress

The back of each card has the same style as the tuck box.

The cards are poker size with custom tuck box and seal, cello wrapped.


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