Memento Mori

6200 Ft


Cikkszám: MEMENTO-MORI Kategória:


A Komboh Creative által tervezett csomag egyszerre csodás, egyszerre félelmetes. Gyűjtőknek kötelező darab.

Limitált pakli, csak 2500 darab készült belőle.


In this stunning deck designed by Michael Mateyko of KOMBOH CREATIVE, traditional suits have been reimagined to create stars, swords, flies, and feathers: symbols of order, aspiration, chaos, and scavenging respectively. The imagery adorning both the cards and ominous embossed tuck call attention to medieval existentialism, the occult, and divine mathematics; and believe us when we say, when we first saw them we were speechless.

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company and packaged inside a custom tuck box featuring foil accents and a unique die-cut window with clear-plastic covering.

Limited edition of only 2,500 decks.


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