MERGE by Justin Miller and John Stessel

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John Stessel has created a great NEW card principle that is sexy and visually orgasmic. Imagine a concept that is more than a pipe dream, easy to do and can be done with a borrowed deck… get ready to MERGE!

In this video download (over and hour and 30 minutes), you will learn an exciting and NEW concept in card magic that will allow you to learn the following tricks:

  • Merge – Change a card visually while wrapped in a rubber band!
  • 4 = A – A great visual opener for ANY 4 card effect!
  • B’s Deep Transpo – A signed 2 card transpo that is great for walk around!
  • Merge Transpo – A visual transpo while encased in a rubber band!
  • Merge Prediction – An open prediction with a hint of KICK ASS!
  • Thinktrivert – A thought of triumph with a KICKER visual!
  • Ghost A.C.R. – A visually, eerie, Ghost ACR (Ambitious Card Routine)!
  • Ghost Vanish – Cause a card to vanish from the deck with no sticky stuff.

Watch the trailer and get ready to be amazed. YOU could be performing these amazing effects after downloading the video.


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